Overhead Garage Doors - Frequently Asked Questions


Caution!!! Worn or damaged overhead garage doors are very dangerous and as such we always recommend contacting a professional for inspection.

My garage door won’t close:  In most cases the safety sensor eyes are misaligned. Wiggle the sensors and adjust until both lights are on and solid. Note…safety sensor eyes and or circuit boards do fail and will also cause the door not to close  

My garage door sticks and wont open:  Overhead doors that will not open fully are usually the result of broken springs. Do not touch or handle the springs, they are under extreme tension and can cause severe injury. Note…attempting to open or close a garage door with a broken spring is dangerous and could cause significant injury to you and cause damage to the door and opener.  

My garage door will not fully open or close:  Garage door openers have limit settings and forced settings which occasionally need to be adjusted. Openers that repeatedly need limits/forces adjusted indicate there is an issue with the circuit board.   

My garage door opener runs but my door does not move:  First, check that the emergency release cord is engaged. If emergency release is engaged, it is usually a broken trolley, broken motor coupler or a worn out gear/sprocket.  

My remote control doesn’t work:  If all remote controls to the opener stop working at the same time, it indicates a circuit board problem. If just one stops working try a new battery first. Remote controls do fail and you may need a new remote.  

Garage door is off track and or crooked:  A crooked garage door or a door that has thrown rollers out of the tracks is usually an indication of a cable that has slipped off the drum which causes the springs to lift the door unevenly. The spring tension must be relieved in order to get the cable reset. Caution!!! The springs and cables are under extreme tension and are very dangerous. Do not attempt to open or close the door as it may result in severe injury and damage to the door!   

How much does it cost to fix my overhead garage door? 

Garage door service: balance, tighten, lubricate adjust track and settings-$89.00

Door repair: (torsion springs, cables, rollers, hinges, support struts) average from $140.00 to $320

Garage door openers: repairs up to replacement range from $175 to $420 for 7ft/8ft doors

Garage door replacement: for average 16ft wide by 7ft tall, non-insulated, start at $810 installe   

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